Are Dab Diamonds dabs?

No they are not. They are a heat sync like pearls and rubies.

How do you use Dab Diamonds?

Place the desired amount in your banger or bucket, then dab as usual. 

Though they preform best with cold start dabs.

How many Dab Diamonds should I use?

Depending on the size of your banger, from 2 to 8 are the most effective. It is best to cover the entire bottom of your banger with Dab Diamonds.

How do you clean Dab Diamonds?

Use a Q-tip to clean out after each use. No ISO!

If your Dab Diamonds become blackened, they may have been overheated or were not swabbed prior to use. In this case you may soak them in alcohol. Dab Diamonds may also self clean if you use them when blackened and Q-tip out a little early.

Are Dab Diamonds real diamonds?

No. Dab Diamonds are made from the highest quality simulated diamonds. They are both machine and hand cut.

Are Dab Diamonds durable?

When used and cared for properly, Dab Diamonds could potentially last a lifetime.

Can Dab Diamonds be overheated?

Yes. Dab Diamonds can be darkened or chazzed like a banger if overheated.